Wang Leehom

One World One Dream Video – by Wang Leehom

Winter Olympics have finished! Congratulations to all the athletes who reached for their dreams! I made this song, “One World, One Dream” for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Although never “officially” released, I want to share it with you all. In the spirit of the games, and in a big salute to ALL the athletes, One World One Dream!!

冬季奧運結束了,恭喜所有用生命堅持夢想的選手們!雖然我不是運動員,但我可以用音樂給你們加油! 這一首One World One Dream(同一個世界 同一個夢想)是我在2008年時為北京奧運製作的。雖然沒有正式發行過,不過在這裡分享給你們,希望大家會喜歡!
~ Wang Leehom