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Capital TV Tribute to Brenda José and her legacy:
‘Asia’s Heart Coach’ to thousands passes away.


The cause of death was a major organs failure due to a big perforated intestines caused by a rare Crohn’s Disease which she suffered since 1994. She was one of the first known diagnosed Crohn’s Disease cases in Hong Kong.

She previously had her first major surgery for perforated intestines in 1995, but lived for another 18 years. She became very spiritual after the first surgery. Unfortunately, she did not survive her second and last surgery.

Brenda José was the COO of Change University and ChangeU Group. She co-coached with her husband Robert Chaen, the CEO-Founder, as a dynamic duo which was unique in the Asian corporate world. 

She had coached CEOs to junior executives of top brands and Fortune 500 corporations such as Hong Kong Jockey Club, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services, Sheraton, Wharf AT&T, Naza, Resorts World Genting, hundreds of CEOs from MSC-status companies in Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s ‘Silicon Valley’. 

Brenda was like a human angel who gave unconditional love to graduates, friends, and colleagues. She even gave HK$15,000 unconditionally to her parents’ maid and did not ask for anything back. 

Her famous quote was: “It’s not meant to be, or it’s meant to be”.

Brenda will be sadly missed by her thousands of graduates from around the world.
Whenever she was asked how to repay her back for her coaching influence, she would say, “Pass it forward to others.”

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