Mandarin gift

Good old fashioned Chinese New Year giving and blessings.

Today one of ChangeU ex-interns and a successful young entrepreneur Alvin Yap dropped by from his hometown Port Dickson.
He went out of his way to give me a beautiful box of mandarin oranges.
He wished me a Happy Chinese Year as a traditional gesture of respect and gratitude for seniors and teachers.

I was very touched by this old fashioned Chinese Year gesture which is less and less practiced by the younger generation.
Alvin had never forgotten what he gained in the internship and all those ChangeU workshops especially ‘Papillon Metamorphosis Journey’ (Papillon means butterfly in French, an empowering personal growth workshop).

He always has an incredible generous heart, treated me during my birthdays, a good listener-friend, reciprocated and helped me in unique ways, and a fun great guy to go out with. I feel so Gen Z (those born after 1990) when he takes me to trendy places.

In return as a senior and coach, I blessed Alvin with good wishes for his new business ventures, health, and fulfillment. Brenda in spirit also gave him blessings.
I gave him a box of chocolates as a return gesture.
It felt so good to have a mutual give and take as a spiritual and physical exchange of positive energies.

I’m happy to say that many ex-ChangeU Interns and ChangeU graduates from all races, religions, and nationalities including Americans, Filipinos, Indonesians, Australians, Indians, Russians, Europeans, Japanese, Maldivians (the list is too long) have shown their support, love, and gratitude over the years.

3. IMG_1883

ChangeU and Papillon Graduates, staff, and friends. (Alvin Yap – 4th from right standing)

I take this special occasion to send my Chinese New Year blessings to all our ChangeU teams, Change University & KingFishee Trainers and Consultants, Borneohunters, ChangeU graduates, ex-staff, clients, friends, family, and relatives. 

I remember vividly in my young days in my hometown Ipoh, 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur. My father was a travelling salesman for 35+ years for BAT. The Ipoh and State distributors would drop by at our house and give lots and lots of gifts as a sign of respect and gratitude for good business relationships. Crates of the best quality mandarin oranges, hampers, Chinese New Year goodies, and ang pows. They would wish my father and our family for a prosperous and healthy year ahead.
My father would in turn wish and bless them with all the traditional Chinese New Year greetings of good health, prosperity, good relationships, good career, etc.

Let’s bring back old fashioned Festive giving and blessings for all ages – young to old.
The young generation can practice the timeless principle of respecting, honoring, and giving gratitude to
parents, grandparents, seniors, bosses, teachers, and those who helped them in their journey of life.