Angel Brenda and Brenda José articles have moved to:

Angel Brenda and Brenda José articles have moved to:

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BABY RITUAL for Couples

2014 is a 7 Year – The year of learning, spirituality, and inner transformation

5 simple steps to request prayer blessings from angels

No writer’s temptation to florify facts

The odyssey to angel of unconditional love (Part 1: Why am I writing this?)

Brenda Jose memorial celebration in Kuala Lumpur on 11 January, 2014.

Our parents have looked after us all their lives. Give back in their old age and times of need.

I call on Brenda to heal my father. Use me to listen to his heart.

Death settles all scores.


It never rains but it pours on my spirit.

The 1st Angelic Sign of Brenda – 1 in 17,000 odds on the night of cross-over

Crossing-over from death to angelic realm (Brenda’s 25 minutes on Earth)

On the day of Brenda José’s death:

Clarification about the marriage status between Brenda José and Robert Chaen

Brenda Marie De José obituary-tribute-condolences page (plus re-posted tributes)