old age - andrew
Blood is thicker than water. Give back to our parents.
Our parents took care of us all our lives. Give back in their old age and times of need.
Most of our parents took good care of us until we are independent, beyond our adulthood, and for some even until death.
They went out of their way to help us during times of trouble, sicknesses, educational needs, wants, car loan, breakdown, worry, and critical financial support when no one will help us except our parents.

Our parents champion us to go for gold, to be best. They pulled us up when we were down and out. They provide what is possible within their means, and sacrificed a major part of lives for the betterment of us.

“Blood is thicker than water”, my father will always say.

There were so many times when it’s so inconvenient for them in their busy schedule to tend to us, but yet they usually did – no matter what.

Our parents were our driver, maid, cook, cleaner, laundry person, nurse, psychologist, motivator, coach, counselor, mentor, cheerleader, tutor, instructor, financier, and ‘punching bag’.

They waited for us for hours, worried sick about us, cracked their heads how to make ends meet, put food on the table, picked up our mess, and bought us toys to keep us occupied if not we would had tear down the house.
That’s what good parents do.

Of course, let’s be truthful all the above examples will not be true for all parents.
Parents after all are still humans, with many faults, financial burdens, multiple restrictions, and all have their dark side and weak sides.

So, is it too much to ask to give back to our parents when it’s their turn to receive help, love, in their times of need, ill health, and old age?

Or, do you think they had become such a nuisance, irritation, and painfully slow, stubborn, old-fashioned, and backward.
And, you just can’t understand why they have become senile, ‘grumpy old man and naggy woman‘, and unreasonably needy – in their ‘second childhood‘.

~ Robert Chaen