1. Change

Change seems inevitable but impossible at the same time.
You know the situation desperately needs to be changed.
You worry, complain and whine endlessly.
And yet you procrastinate and do nothing about it.

You wait for a solution to come externally but it never comes.
You are stuck.
Your AQ is very low
(AQ is adversity quotient i.e. how you handle adversity daily).

Either you start with a ‘baby step – pocket of change’ with a very small group.
Or, you get others or external consultants who have high AQ, control and hope than you to help you find a way out.
In any case, you need to decide that you are willing
i.e. have the corporate or political will to do something – now or never.

Once you decide and start some action and involve others in your vision or initiative
you’ll be surprised what the end results will be.
And finally once it’s completed you’ll thank yourself that you started with a baby step.

This BS-POC Method is applicable to anything personal and professional changes you want:
e.g. long-term change in your attitude, self-esteem building, serious couple relationship issues, family conflicts,
losing pounds, clearing all your debts, buying a house, creating a start-up business, earning extra income,
getting a promotion, resolving cross-team conflicts, change leadership, increasing KPIs,
ending apartheid, reducing corruption and crime,
and finding meaning and purpose in life.

~ Robert Chaen
His successful change programs with Fortune 500 corporations prove that big change initiatives
start with a mindset shift and a decision to start with a baby step pocket of change.

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