“Leehom and I ARE categorically NOT lovers.”
But I can’t confirm whether my ChangeU Intern, Sean Tham, actually did touch Leehoms’ bum, or not. It was March 26, 2013 @Genting Club, and it was fairly dark. Whatever it is, Leehom was obviously enjoying himself that night.

Ok, there were people spreading wild rumors at the time but I choose to ignore it.
Let me set the record straight publicly. Leehom and I are categorically not lovers.

And, nothing happened after we met in Genting Club.We have solid alibis and CCTV evidence that Sean and I did not go up to his presidential suite that night. Period.”~ Robert Chaen

Watch Sean Tham share his experience of meeting Leehom in:
‘How ChangeU Transformed these Top Interns’:

Wang Leehom with Jinglei. See Leehom is not gay.
Our empathy for the 10 million+ broken hearts on this news.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151892114412054&set=a.57296107053.69383.56712367053&type=1&theater
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