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A Tale of Two Tsunami-hit Countries
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It’s been a week after Super Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines (known in Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda).

3974 confirmed killed with 1,186 missing – making it the 2nd deadliest typhoon in Philippines recorded history.

Many Filipinos did not see it coming. It was highly unusual to have a typhoon hit Central Philippines. Normally “Typhoon Alley” is between Luzon Island in Northern Philippines and Taiwan. The unusual tsunami-like storm surge of 20 feet high waves due to 185 km/h strong winds killed most victims.

Tsunami-like storm surge rare video footage destroys house in seconds:

The world after the weekend only read about Super Typhoon Haiyan devastation on Monday when they went to work. They were shocked that this was the strongest category 5 typhoon ever.

Early-warning systems desperately needed now
Early-warning systems, drills and better zoning all help. The Asian Development Bank advocates “stress tests” for vulnerable places rather like stress tests on financial institutions. The recently elected leader of Tacloban is said to have cared little for such distractions. Let us hope he will now.

Climate Change: a wake call that must come with action, not talk only
Both climatologists and politicians have connected the typhoon to climate change. Climatologists had published extensive analyses connecting the intensity of storms with the progression of global warming.

Much have to done to physically rebuild the parts of Philippines that were destroyed. More importantly, the Filipinos have united as one. Many changed their Facebook (FB) profile into a white Philippines map with black background for 1 week from “Philippines Black Monday”.

Philippines Black Monday

Chinese Tsunami in Malaysia
This reminded me of a similar ‘Black Monday’ situation (albeit a very different non-physical disaster) in Malaysia – the Monday after the 13th General Election held on May 5th, 2013. The Opposition lost despite of winning a 51% majority popular vote. For the majority 51% Malaysians it was the blackest Monday in our history of elections since May 13th, 1969.

An Ocean of Total Black FB Profiles and Black Clothing on GE Black Monday May 6th 2013.
Many immediately changed their FB profile to plain black when PM Najib Razak declared election victory just after midnight. He ironically blamed it squarely on the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ for the worst election results ever for the UMNO-BN government. I never seen so many total black FB profiles and oceans of people in black clothing on GE Black Monday in my life. I did not follow the trend even though I was very sad and angry for my country.

The infamous Chinese Tsunami comment turned out to be the biggest racist lie by Najib as it was shockingly revealed that the vast urban including educated Malays, Indians, Chinese, and newly eligible 3 million voters voted Opposition. And the rural especially in East Malaysia who had little access to the internet and relied on the government propagandic main stream media voted for the government. Najib’s billions ringgit vote-buying BR1M and his hypocritical slogan 1Malaysia rang empty and hollow.

“I cried for Malaysia”
Many of us cried for Malaysia just like Eva Peron cried for Argentina.
Millions felt extremely cheated when they found out that Najib’s UMNO-BN government won by only 47% popular vote.

Heart Candle V1

My Heart Goes Out To You
I could not believe what had happened to my beloved country.
I changed my FB profile to a little kid sending a heart-shaped light for 1 week. I felt I needed to encourage my fellow Malaysians to see The Light and to share that they may have lost the battle but won the war.

Now Malaysians have 5 years to unite as one to change the rot, corruption, rising crime, racial disharmony, extremist Muslim religious persecution of women Muslims and Non-Muslims, the universally opposed banning of the Allah word for non-Muslims, gerrymandering, giving ICs to 800,000 illegals, and the plundering of 1.5 million taxpayers money (only 5% of the population) to bankruptcy.

I wrote this message on my FB and Change University FB walls on that fateful late night of May 5th, 2013.

Tyrants and Murderers Always Fall
“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love as always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – think of it always.” ~ Gandhi

A New Giant Malaysian has Awoken!
Stay strong.
Keep faith and inner strength.
Look at the bright positive side.
We’ve come a long way.

Let’s unite and build from here.
We are not alone.
The World is watching…
Malaysians from all over the world will unite like never before.

A New Giant Malaysian Rakyat (Citizen) has Awoken…
~ Robert Chaen
The two ASEAN neighbors, Filipinos and Malaysians, share a common goal of rebuilding our lives and future again.

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