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Should I Let My Hong Kong Chief Headhunter stay in a US$4,500 pm Super-Condo in KL?

ChangeU International is going through a major business transformation internationally with 4 Major Brands – with distinctive brands, separate websites, and marketing teams.


One of the 4 is ‘BorneoHunter’, our executive search arm. One of my 15+ years Hong Kong Strategic Advisors, Ambrose Chan, came to Kuala Lumpur recently. I wanted to explore possibilities of him spearheading BorneoHunter. He has an impeccable private banking track record in UBS (in Switzerland) and Merrill Lynch (in USA). He was one of the first Chinese Headhunters in Asia, who is in the same league as the most prestigious top tier headhunters like Korn Ferry, Spencer Stuart, and Boyden who charge one third of the Candidates’s annual income package (including housing, chauffeur, and children education).

Obviously, his first concern is the living quarters in KL since it’s a ‘hardship’ to be away as an Expat in a foreign country. I showed him some high end condos in KL’s Golden Triangle. He liked ‘Verticas Residensi’ on top of Ceylon Hill, a short 3 minutes walk down the hill to the very hip & happening, international foreigner feel of Changkat.

He then stared at me without blinking and stated that “to be the Chief Headhunter I need to live in a super-condo as a good role model as my future CEO candidates will demand the same high end housing from our clients.” And he was absolutely right – along the corridors, lift, and swimming pool we met the Expat Country Managers of Tag Hauer, Muji and some oil & gas giants.

How much is the rent at Verticas Residensi (VR)?
One rents for US$4,500 p.m. fully furnished with high end furniture and electricals for 2,500 sq.ft. at the 33rd floor with full view of both KL Tower and Petronas Towers. In Hong Kong with this Prime A+++ location and ‘a view to die for’ the rent would easily be US$60,000 p.m. A bargain he says, ya you don’t say!
The rent is the salary of a G.M. in KL.

Does a Chief Headhunter really need a super-condo to be that inspired and motivated enough?

This reminds me of Linda Evangelista, the 1st modern generation super-model who infamously coined “I don’t wake up for less than US$10,000 a day”
(read as I don’t need your petty business. And I’ll only be sufficiently motivated when you give me the bare minimum of US$XX,XXX per day).

I guess I should give Ambrose the benefit of doubt that he deserves the very best, as he is after all a world-class headhunter and Swiss & Global Private Investment Banker.

I guess also that top international consultants and headhunters especially from Hong Kong do have a fat ego which drives them to be the best in their industry, passionate with fire in the belly, and the need to make good… nay great money as THE measurement of The 3 Circles of Greatness (source: Jim Collins “Good to Great”)…hmmm…

Enjoy the visual tour of Verticas Residensi, the possible future abode of my soon-to-be announced Chief Headhunter.

Verticas - should I let my future Chief Headhunter stay in a US$4,500 pm super-condo?

Verticas Residensi – should I let my future Chief Headhunter stay in a US$4,500 pm super-condo? Single Click for bigger pics.

Sky-bridge between the 2 towers

The Sky-bridge between the 2 towers (not quite Petronas length). Property by WingTai Asia, Singapore-based.

Me dream-building on the sofa what’s it like to live here at 33rd floor.

Me dream-building on the sofa what’s it like to live here at the 33rd floor as a CEO.

Full “view to die for” of KL Tower (including the base) and Petronas Towers from the living room.

Actual Full “View to die for” of KL Tower (including the base) and Petronas Towers from the living room’ (full glass from ceiling to ground)Back view is Berjaya Times Square.

Back view is Berjaya Times Square.
Infinity pool. And only 9 Luxury Villa-style Condo 4,000-5,000 sq.ft. overlooking the pool.

Infinity pool. And only 12 Luxury Villa-style Condos @ 4,000-5,000 sq.ft. overlooking the pool.

Now… I may offer him the ‘Indecent Proposal’ of my sharing the super-condo with him…hmmm.

Wonder…will he still wake up inspired and be at work at 9:00am…

NOTE: BorneoHunter is one of 4 Major Brands of ChangeU International.
For the latest Robert’s List of owning 15+ Successful Brands, Businesses, Joint-Ventures, & Unique Offerings:


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Published on 17 November 2013.
Updated on 13 December 2016.

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    • Hi Robert, would like to proposed you a new development at Bukit Bintang, opposite Pavilion, may I have your email or any contact ?



  1. If he is as good as you believe him to be and you give him the incentive to live up to your expectation. Then it is money well spent, as the saying goes “SAI CHOY NG CHUTT, TAI CHOI DEEM YAP?” (Loosely translated: Small investment don’t go out, how big returns can come in?). There is a perception to paint to represent you & your organisation. On branding & on perceive value and it ought not to be ignored.

    However, if he is a testing-the-water kind of guy (maybe he may/might deliver) then don’t. Better to give high incentive reward (per case/head/recruitment basis) as he earns it and reward him later when his result proves worthy of his claims. You know him best.


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