An artistic piece of plastic wrap – for cool storage or hot admiration …  😉

Karen Mok celebrates 20 years with Greatest Hits album: The Age of MOKnificence. Born on June 2, 1970, Karen is a Hong Kong singer and actor with Welsh, German and Persian descent.


Karen Mok Nude Art in Plastic Wrap

Karen Mok Nude Art in Plastic Wrap

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Karen Mok: Poetry in Plastic Motion


Matching orange Canon IXUS – great shade of orange color


A young Karen.


Chinese Charlie’s Angels


Natural – hardly any make-up?


This is my favorite pic: “A penny for your thoughts, Karen?”
A stunningly beautiful, intriguing shot of Karen with a knife in her mouth, apple partially pelled and uneaten. And the “I want to see what I can do to you look”… classy creative


Angelic Karen with a white Pegasus. Allahu akbar!


And Mok can kick your sorry badass

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