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Why did you leave Malaysia? Why are you thinking of leaving Malaysia Poll?

For Malaysians and Expats who left Malaysia, click your reasons why you choose to leave. Also fill this survey if you are thinking of leaving Malaysia.
And also your honest comments.

The results are instantly and freely available for all readers, and any researchers of “Brain Drain in Malaysia”.
Please share and ask your Expats and Overseas Malaysian friends and relatives to fill up this quick survey.
Tick as many choices that are relevant to you:

Make your vote count.
These actual comments are from interviews with common people around Malaysia and online globally. Some had to be toned down, with profanity removed, or reworded with proper grammar but never distorted from the interviewee’s truthful meaning:

Changi Airport immigration

Poll Researcher, Robert Chaen is an Overseas Malaysian who left Malaysia 20 years ago because he saw no future in Malaysia. Some of his reasons are in the survey list. After a successful life in Hong Kong, P.R. of China, and USA, he had a “calling to give back” to Malaysia through his change specialist and inspiring coach expertise.

He advocates Overseas Malaysians to return home, spread some positive light, and help transform and uplift Malaysians. We need all the help we can get.

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