(My Wake-Up Call and replies to the Law of Karma)

… You Make Lemonade

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
“Lemons” in this expression means an unfortunate
situation, a meaning which probably stems from the
sour and acidic taste of unsweetened lemon.

“Lemonade” on the other hand, is a sweetened form of this
same fruit, and so conveys the potential for
pleasure and opportunity in seemingly bad situations.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Karma works in mysterious ways.
One size doesn’t fit all (one reason can’t explain all
situations or experiences in regards to Karma).

I have lost pre-smartphones before and had them
returned. I still have a classic Ericsson flip-down phone
which I secretly wished (joking) to lose it because it was
so outdated. I lost it twice and the last time a stranger
ran after me whilst I was conducting a highly energetic
corporate race game in the streets of Wanchai, Hong Kong.

My HK Head Coach even gave me a mobile as a birthday
gift because he couldn’t take it that a CEO like myself
still used an old mobile especially in the keep up with the
Jones’ Hong Kong society.

I had chased after a double decker bus by taxi to
retrieve my luxurious Jean Paul Gaultier wallet left on
the upper deck front seat. The wallet and all contents
were there on the same spot, minus HK$1,000 cash –
gone in 8 minutes.

I had lost a Lanvin wallet with IC in a small town called
Bidor, Malaysia and never got it back.

I left an Olympus camera with priceless photos in the
front sleeve pocket on the flight to New York – gone in
10 minutes. I had a rare collector’s Swatch stolen from
my room table in a 3 star hotel in Seattle. I had a lost a
priceless custom-designed heliodor-diamonds ring in a
pocket of my pants in a laundry shop in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking back if I had lived happily without the item,
then probably I don’t need it forever…

I openly admit that I can be an absent-minded
professor, or just plain careless.
But being careless and irresponsible and asking God
to help find my lost possession, I may not get it back at all.
Or it may well be one of my small life lessons.

So just because you are a vegetarian doesn’t mean you
will never hit a cow and die. Or just because you go to
church every day to pray doesn’t guarantee that you
will never be robbed whilst praying inside (happened to
an auntie of mine).

Yes, praying or asking help from God does bring
easiness to let go, solace, peace, and forgiveness,
however you still can’t get way with the Law of Karma if
you have violated it. Read my “Let Go, Let GOD” blog.

I personally prefer to LOVE God than to Fear God. To me
it’s coming from a much more positive mindset than to
fear that I would be punished by God (God doesn’t
punish. Read my “Let Go, Let GOD” blog). It’s related to
“do the RIGHT THING”, rather than “do things right”.

I lost my 2 front teeth through a nasty bicycle
accident on the road near One World Hotel, P.J, Malaysia
at 8:30pm on a Saturday night in December 2007. My
front bike wheel got caught in a steel drain groove and
my face and both knuckles smashed onto the road.
I was knocked unconscious for 10+ minutes.

I underwent 40+ stitching inside my mouth and on my
lips with 12 needle injections. I actually did not feel
much pain because of my endorphins (body pain killers).
I felt pain later.

But I was grateful that I need not had any brain damage,
or paralyzed from a broken neck, or got run over by a passing truck.
My fellow speaker peer Stephen Covey (of 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People fame) died on July 16th, 2012, 3 months after a
bicycle fall.

My face had a cut across from chin, nose to eye brow, but luckily I
had no face scars. I had zero memory of the accident impact that
would have haunted me for the rest of my life.

It was a major WAKE-UP CALL at one of my most trying
periods of my life – my darkest hour. I was going
through a divorce. I had lost the will to live.
Life had no meaning for me at the time. I didn’t want
any help from anybody.

I felt I would rather drown by myself, than involve
anybody including my family members. I didn’t tell
them until much later (I didn’t want my Mum to worry about me).
I felt abandoned emotionally and spiritually.

Friends urged me to sue One World, but I didn’t. 4 years
later I coached the Senior Managers of One World Hotel
in Phuket (and got paid). I refrained from telling them, or
to take advantage of my position to get compensation.

You know, you can choose to see the negative and dark
side of life (pessimist).
Or you can choose to see the positive and LIGHT side of
life (optimist).

Would you rather focus on what’s TEARING YOU/ US APART,
Or would it be much better and more productive for you
to focus on what’s HOLDING YOU/ US TOGETHER.

Would you rather be sour, miserable, bitter, and be in denial,
or would you accept the Truth and move on gracefully
in gratitude.

According to the Chinese Karmic Philosophy, it says that
it is sometimes better to lose a relatively less valued
item than to lose a much precious item.
That it is better to suffer a minor injury as a “karmic
price to pay” than to suffer a major catastrophe.

According to The Tao, you need to be empty to be full.
You may have to lose in order to gain something much greater.

Well, the way I see it about my losing my iPhone 4S is I may
gain or manifest a new big Telco client later.

When life gives you lemons, make a business out of it!
Torn jeans is a lemon but someone purposefully made a
fashion trend out of it.
Ralph Lauren made “crinkled” cotton shirts one of his
bestselling line.

Interestingly, he also changed his surname from “Lifshitz” to Lauren
because it has the word sh_t in it. Lauren is much better brand name.
Can you imagine what a failure it would be if the brand name was
called “Polo Ralph Lifshitz”! Great decision to let go of a lemon surname.

I myself have made an inspiring coaching business out of sharing
how I overcome my Lemons & “Demons” in my life. My style is always
“to show my vulnerability first”. It makes me human, rather than have
participants “hero-worship” me or put me on a pedestal like many
other management gurus who only present their perfect side.

~ ROBERT CHAEN thinks that The Law of Karma like God
is a never-ending lesson to learn profoundly.
When life gives you lemons, transform your inner demons
into inspiring life-changing decisions.