I left my 64G iPhone on the seat of a taxi in Gardens South Towers, Mid Valley, K.L. at 8:15 am, October 31st. It had a unique “Beats by Dr. Dre” logo on the red cover from Hong Kong. I realized within 10 seconds after the taxi left, and I borrowed one of my participants’ mobile. I rang 3 times, then it was quickly switched off, and went offline forever. Therefore, it could not be tracked by iCloud GPS.

Years ago a good Hong Kong friend of mine gave me an Ericsson mobile which he found in a toilet. It was my first ever mobile. I was grateful and thanked him, but I didn’t think much about it, or the karmic implications. Today I wonder if I have found a new iPhone, or a new high end MacBook Air, would I be tempted to keep it for MYSELF… Now if I selfishly thought of myself only, I would have gained an expensive smartphone for free, right? After all, I don’t know WHO the faceless owner is. It’s definitely not my fault that he is so careless. Well, let’s put it this way, if I don’t take it, the taxi driver or someone else will keep it anyways. I can’t trust that the Police will not keep it for themselves. Of course, this is all justifications and reasons why I should keep it. Then I flashed back on a life changing experience when I was 9 years old.David Zon, my classmate then, brought 3 stamp albums to school. At the end of the day, one of the very beautiful and highly desirable rare collection albums was left on my desk. Initially I took it home for safe keeping, but then I had other thoughts on that fateful day…I couldn’t afford it. I coveted it. I wanted to own it. I wanted it really badly to help me show off my own (unimpressive) collection.The next day David went around frenetically and asked if anyone had seen his precious album. I pretended not to know anything, and got away with it. In my young mind I rationalized that I didn’t steal it – he carelessly left it laying around and HE lost it, and it’s got nothing to do with me. 14 years passed.I had returned from Australian college studies, and David is now a working near my office. The “DARK SECRET” I carried for 14 years haunted me and ate into my heart. And I had become very spiritual since 7. One day I took courage, I owned up, and confessed to David, “You know when you were 9, do you remember you lost a green stamp album?” David’s eyes grew bigger and said “Yes… I remember…”. “Well… I ar… I took it home for safe keeping because you left it on my desk… actually I ar… I STOLE it.”

“WHAT! You stole it – of all my close 12 years long childhood classmates? BECAUSE OF YOU I lost my passion for stamp collecting, and that was one of my most upsetting moments in my life!” The pain, the guilt, and the shame of the Dark Secret pierced deeply into my heart and soul.

WHAM! I would have preferred to be physically stabbed in front, than the emotional, mental, and spiritual pain I went through. I can only imagine that my pain is nothing compared to David’s pain, hurt, and turmoil of not just losing a precious albeit physical object but losing the love of a childhood hobby. And, I was the cause of his suffering. Talk about THE LAW OF KARMA. What goes around comes around.

Then David said “Give it back to me!” Because of my guilt I kept the green stamp album all those years. I gave him back the next day.

You cannot comprehend how much the heavy excess baggage from the dark secret had taken its toll. It was released from my psyche. I felt spiritually purified – it went from sheer agony to sheer relief.

This incident reminded me of the funny TV series “My name is Earl”. Earl makes a list of every bad thing and every person he has wronged and commences efforts to fix all his misdeeds.
I aim to have high INTEGRITY; and not be the cause of someone’s pain and sorrow for taking his or her lost possession.

Integrity is one of the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.
Integrity is all you have in life.
Lose it and all physical assets means nothing to your self-esteem.

The loss of someone’s mobile or laptop is not the monetary loss, but the loss of one’s priceless life contacts or one’s life work.

HAVE A HEART. Think for a moment how YOU would feel if you were the VICTIM instead.
Luckily for me all my contacts are in iCloud.
I just lost my first ever and much loved iPhone.
I do miss my iPhone.

Would you keep a lost LV bag with USD$100,000 untraceable cash in it?
Would you be tempted to steal a USD$1.6M emerald-diamonds ring
(gone in 7 minutes in a toilet of the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong
on September 2011 – with a USD$64,000 reward), or a Rolex watch
left on a wash basin?

If your answers are NO, then SHARE this moral lesson for a better world. 🙂

~ ROBERT CHAEN believes in The Law of Karma.
He also highly recommend you to be alert and careful, to auto-back up all laptop data daily (e.g. Apple Time Capsule), and back up contacts through gmail or iCloud.

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