At ChangeU, we feel a DECISION is the greatest single life-changing
factor in our lives.
A decision whose time has come.
For you.

NOTHING HAPPENS until YOU make a Decision!

If YOU CAN’T Decide for Yourself, then SOMEONE ELSE will Decide Your Life for You! i.e. your parents, spouse, your Boss, your Government, BF-GF, best friend, brother-sister, children, Auntie, pet, teacher, religious head, counselor, lawyer, partner, subordinates, President’s advisors, etc.

There’s a saying “The path to Hell (not Heaven) is filled with WELL MEANING loved ones.” What this means is well meaning friends and relatives often “project” their own insecurities, failures, and fears onto us; and discourage us from going after and living our dreams.Why. Because they think we’ll be hurt and disappointed when our dreams don’t materialize the way we want it. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think!

If you are not happy with your life, job-career, relationship, health, wealth, or your country, etc… decide what YOU WANT in your life or your other 8 Life Areas (not what you DON’T WANT in our life).

DO something, do anything! It’s better than wishful thinking, plain sulking, worrying, complaining, and being depressed, resentful, bitter, or being a hopeless VICTIM.

OWN our life or, your life will own you (meaning master your own destiny, or circumstances will dictate your life.)

God helps those who help themselves first, remember.

Decide NOW. Just Make That Change!

~ ROBERT CHAEN advocates that when you make a Decision,
your related Dream will come true for you.