Depending on the situation, function, problem and objective, if I’m stuck and I need inspiration BEYOND myself, I sometimes imagine or “model” after a particular authority in that area – be it real, fictitious, or deceased.

I’m very versatile, and may use and access different Characters for a specific style or approach even if there are 10+ Characters in a similar category. For e.g. Spielberg has a very different style and approach than, Stephen Chow (wacky comedy), Ron Howard (inspirational), Oliver Stone (controversial, social issues), Quentin Tarantino (shock, irony), or Robert Rodriguez (ultra low budget).

WHO to draw INSPIRATION from?
Here are some practical areas HOW and WHO I may tap into in my consulting, coaching and design work. For e.g. I may take on the mindset of Philippe Starck, Bang & Olufsen, or Steve Jobs when I’m researching and creating a new innovative
product design.

For a good story telling I may imagine how Steven Spielberg, PSY (Gangnam Style), Stephen Chow would show a product launch/PR story in our low-budget YouTube video.

WHAT would Steve Jobs’ feedback be in my current, P&C 1-on-1 CEO/Celebrity Coaching (Jobs told Clinton “I don’t know if you did it, but if so, you’ve got to tell the country” when he was asked how should the President deal with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, in one of their late-night chats).

HOW would Obama, Lee Kwan Yew, or Brenda José (the late ChangeU’s maverick COO and my departed wife) answer a hostile question in our workshop training, or our PR event.

What concept headline would David Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, or Seth Godin copywrite for ChangeU’s upcoming MasterClass FB/Google ad campaign, or blog.

WHY would George Washington, Gordon Ramsay, or Tony Fernandes retain this unwilling, problematic Company Director (and what to do next).

How can Gorbachev, Yoda, or Avengers unite and cross-align opposing forces and merged subsidiaries in a specific public-listed Fortune 500 corporation.

WHEN is the best time for an Angel to help me touch the heart of a resistant participant, to inspire a disillusioned problem employee, or to whisper words of wisdom to a depressed, grieving friend, or a lost soul.

What would Mum, Dad, my brothers/sisters, Grandma, my best friend, spiritual mentor, or God say to me in my darkest hour…

WHERE else can I draw inspiration… nature, beach, park, shopping mall, museum, art gallery, library, broadway show, wet market, farm, Starbucks, food outlet, people watching, temple, mosque, laundromat, toilet, bed, car, subway, volunteer work, CD store, charity, cave, cafe, choir, concert, cinema, workshop, internet, FB…

What pets, hobbies, games, sports, prayers, poems, verses from holy books (Koran, Gita, Bible, Tao Te Ching, etc.), books (Sun Tzu Art of War), movies, songs, lyrics can uplift my spirits…
Let it be…

Where would Mother Theresa, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, or Li Ka Shing raise funds or public awareness for our philanthropy efforts.

How would Tim Berners-Lee, Dilbert, or Al Ries design, architect, and brand our new KRA-KPI IT cloud computing business.

Who could Jackie Chan, James Bond, or Mark Zuckerberg’s allies be – to team up with – in order to out-maneuver this tricky political minefield that we, the change experts, have been assigned to transform in 6 months.

And, for obvious leadership purposes, I’ll wear the metaphorical shield of Alexander The Great, the suit of Jack Welch, the hat of Lincoln, and the sandals of Gandhi to overcome any leadership issues.

I may even SWITCH obvious roles and imagine how Charlie Chaplin or Einstein would lead an internet team, or how Justin Bieber would solve a bad HR or PR crisis – to get totally fresh, original, surprising ideas and unprecedented results!

Get the picture…
Reflect, imagine, and see through the EYES of influential, inspired, and enlightened people and characters.
These are some of my limitless creative sources of inspiration.

~ ROBERT CHAEN wears numerous hats to play and access a cross-variety of roles and characters. And his favorite is still the original Wizard Chaen.